School of tourism “Amalia Tours”


  • Dictionary of tourist terms.
  • Basic concepts: tourist, travel agency, tour operator, tour product.
  • Legislation in the field of tourism of Ukraine.
  • The specifics of a manager’s work in a travel agency and tour operator company.

Working with tour operators

  1. The concept of a tour operator
  2. The structure of a tour operator company
  3. Major tour operators by destination
  4. Criteria for choosing a tour operator
  5. Cancellations and fines applied by tour operators to travel agencies.
  6. Commission fee for maintenance
  7. Structure of work with tourists of the host party (tour operator)

Workshop: Choosing tour operator partners to conclude contracts for Egypt, taking into account all the nuances when selecting tour operators to work with.


Hotel service

  1. Classification of hotels
  2. Room types
  3. Types of accommodation
  4. Types of food

Workshop: We learn how to properly accommodate tourists depending on the wishes of customers, the number of people in the tour, and the hotel’s capabilities.


Pricing of the tourist product

  1. Components of the tour price.
  2. Rules for calculating the tour.
  3. Reading and analyzing special offers.
  4. Calculating an individual and non-standard tour.

Workshop: Independent calculation of a non-standard tour for tourists


Online in tourism

  1. Major search engines
  2. Selecting a tour on the tour operator’s website
  3. Online Booking
  4. Automated programs for travel agencies.

Workshop: Find a tour to Thailand for a family of 3 using search engines of tour operators.


Communication with tourists

  1. Relationships with clients: professional, moral and psychological aspects of communication
  2. Establishing contact
  3. Identifying the needs of the tourist client
  4. Presentation of the tour product
  5. Dealing with customer objections and doubts
  6. Psychological types of buyers
  7. Rules for handling claims
  8. Telephone conversations with a tourist

Workshop: Role play “Reception of a client in a travel agency office”


Main functions of a tourism manager

  1. Tour booking: rules and methods of booking
  2. Tour registration
  3. Receiving confirmation from the tour operator
  4. Tour payment: cash and non-cash
  5. Obtaining documents from the tour operator
  6. Cancellation and rebooking of the tour

A variety of travel programs


Passport and visa formalities

Workshop: ” Learning how to apply for a visa for a cruise with transit in Canada


Credit. Presentation of certificates

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